GWG Fresh

GWG Fresh Sdn Bhd is a total value chain company which supply high value and high quality new and exotic products which is developed by its research-based parent company, GWG. The company provides a wide range of products which include melon, watermelon, pumpkin, tomato, sweet corn, cucumber, exotic chili and etc.

GWG Fresh is also awarded with MyGAP certificate by Malaysia Agriculture Ministry. We practice food safety standard strictly to assure our produces are safe to consume. Traceability is also another key point in our business model whereby consumers are able to trace their purchase from us.

Fresh Food for life


It’s important to remember that food shouldn’t be judged by the sticker price alone. What is important is that you are getting the right nutrition from consuming it. At GWG Fresh, we ensure that we provide high value food to our consumers.

We are passionate about improving the health of our consumers. All of our fruits & vegetables are freshly farmed, closely monitored and put on the shelf at just the right moment. We at GWG Fresh believes in maintaining our quality of the food to ensure our consumers receive and consume food that are fresh and of the highest quality.

We bring the best mix of vegetables and fruits. We have a huge selection of the finest fresh fruits and vegetables that you can choose from. Eating a diet rich in a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables is more important than ever.

Transparency is no longer a “nice to have” quality for us. We at GWG Fresh proudly provides you with all of our product information. Consumers are able to conveniently trace their purchases from us.

Save more money while putting healthy meals on your table. We offer quality fruits and veggies – all fresh and affordable.

We offer affordable products at an incredible price!

At GWG Fresh, we believe healthy living is a journey and every meal is a choice. We love to inspire, educate and empower every person to eat healthier and live a better life. We at GWG Fresh share our commitment to bringing you all the goodness of an authentic product you can trust. GWG Fresh is awarded by the Malaysia Agriculture Ministry with MyGAP certificate. Our food is safe to consume and fresh. This isn’t just a mission. It’s our passion.

We, at GWG Fresh provides safe, nutritious, and high quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to consistently provide you with a fresh, safe, and quality product which conforms to your specifications. It’s so fresh that you can even eat our sweet corn raw!


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